Thursday, March 10, 2011


Can I tell you how excited I am!  And why you might ask?  On March 15th (actually midnight of 3/14) I will be featured in an article in Papers and Pixels which is a FREE online magazine.  You must check it out when it's released (don't worry, I'll remind you!).  This is a wonderfully executed digital magazine that is filled with tips, tricks, layouts, information, photos, etc. that incorporates many aspects of the stamping and scrapbooking world.

I was "discovered" through my work at My Creative Classroom, specifically Traci Brennan who is one of my students, and she asked if they could do a feature article on me and my tea bag folding.  Traci and I have since become online friends and would love to meet one another one day.  I just love how relationships evolve, especially something like this.  So, Traci, thank you for the recommendation and the exposure.  I'll be in touch soon!

So, for the rest of you, stay tuned for the release which will also point you to my blog for a FREE tea bag folding project slideshow.  It doesn't get any better than that!
Ciao for now!
Ciao Bella!


Donna Ells said...

CONGRATULATIONS, DD!!!! Please DO remind us! I wanna see!

Anonymous said...

DITTO!! (but don't you go gettin' too big for your britches with all this fame!)

Anonymous said...

This is SO IMPRESSIVE!! And to think I knew you "when"!! Additionally, am so glad I'm not "hopeless" - it wasn't me!!!! Seriously, congrats and kuddos!!