Monday, December 9, 2013

Petite little die...

This is a small die that I keep misplacing and finding again.  So before I misplace it yet again, I decided to create a card for posterity -- translation:  in case I really lose it completely.

I learned the cutting technique for this card on a YT video that I just loved and recreated it to fit this little die.  You first fold your card into a cupboard fold, add your DP to the flaps and then place the die inside the card with the blades face up and run it through your die cutting machine.  You will need to die cut additional shapes for the inside as well as the band around the oval opening on the front.

The picture below is what the card looks like opened.  I haven't added a sentiment yet.  Kinda neat technique isn't it?

Well, let's hope I can find this little deer die next year and produce a whole lot of cards.  My Christmas cards are all done and mailed for this year and it's time to pack things away in the bottom of the closet.  

Well, that's all for now -- Ciao!

Ciao Bella!