Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just too tin' my horn!

For a gal who doesn't do Steampunk on a regular basis, it's another surprise that I had another project published in Just Cards Steampunk Volume 3!  I created this using a DeSorono bottle simply because I loved the shape .  It was a hardship for hubby to have to "take care of" the contents so that his  crazy, crafty wife could have the bottle (NOT!).

Armed with tons of metal doo-dads including odd things like garters (remember those?), hook closures, thin chains, old buttons and various and sundry other quirky metal pieces like washers from a hardware supply store, zipper pulls... Basically anything I could get my hands on (this is a huge run-on sentence, folks), I first took aluminum foil sized to fit around the bottle and cap., crumpled it then pulled it smooth, but with all the crinkles.  I fit and glued it around the bottle and cap then took my sponge brush and cheap black acrylic paint ant painted sections at a time.  I then wiped each section down with a cloth being careful with my pressure .  The result was an aged look to the foil.

Then the fun began!  Picking and choosing all the doo-dads to add to my project.  I used E6000 to adhere all the metal parts and had to allow some drying time in between depending on where the parts were placed so they didn't "drip" off the bottle.  Below are a series of close-ups of the project.

I'm sure some of you recognize some of the "hardware" on here.  Well, that's it for today!  I wanted to share and hope you enjoyed it.  If you love Steampunk, this magazine is LOADED with great ideas, some quirky, some artful, and some just downright "different".

Ciao for now!

Ciao Bella!