Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh those Memory Box dies!

Have I told you how much I love Memory Box?  Oh, right, I have -- over and over again!   My Mojo just flows with these dies and here are two cards that I'll be doing at the Whitman Community Center in February.

I've adapted a technique that Dave Brethauer from Memory Box used.  It just so happens it answered a question that many of my students have been asking.  I've taught glitter and peel-offs in the past, but many have asked for a refresher course.  This sort of fits that niche, but it's got an easy twist to it.  I also have been driving myself nuts making little rosettes lately.  I can't seem to stop!  They're just so easy and fun to do and I can make them any size I want -- and there's no die involved!  Gotta love that!

So here's the two cards we'll be doing in February.  This butterfly is absolutely one gorgeous die (2 dies/separately priced), but I've discovered that this technique can be done by using only one die (money saver!!).  The other favorite die is Elegant Scrollwork.  I don't seem to run out of projects using this die -- it's a keeper!

Oh, and I think you'll see clear evidence of the Craft-Dee BowZ on one card (LOL!). 

Well, that's it for today.  Hope you enjoyed these cards!

Ciao for now!

Ciao Bella!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coming up!

Well, I can see it's been a while since I posted (yet again!).  Things have been hectic in the Ciao Bella kingdom of late.  So much going on, so little time to do it.  Let me catch you up on a few notable things.

First, you all know that I am the inventor and owner of the E-Z BowZ bow making tool.  Well that little kingdom got turned on it's head back in November when my Trademark got challenged by someone with deep pockets.  Long story short, it was just easier for me to change the name of my sweet little tool.  More info to come on that (passt!  the new name will become Craft-Dee BowZ).  I just need to get my videos up and running before I can reestablish a new blog .  But I am moving forward with a light step knowing that something good is round the corner in light of this blight on my holidays.  So stay tuned for the new announcement!

Secondly, classes have been going great at the Whitman Community Center since we started after the holidays.  Being out of my teacher "harness" felt surreal, but I'm baaack!  Here's another class coming up in February at the Community Center (I already showed you the January classes in an earlier post) -- you can get all the deets at KD Crafty Concepts if you'd like to sign up.  

Thirdly, I am really jamming the keyboards to A.) get my new blog up and running and B.) putting some slideshows together for a bow related marathon being offered by My Creative Classroom in February.  Gotta start now -- time has a way of getting away.

Fourth, I've been busy putting classes together for The Crop Shop in Rockland as well. Here's one coming up on January 25th.  Call to sign up!  We'll be using Memory Box Dies and you all know what a "die junkie" I am!

And the last big thing I've been working on is creating an event to bring to Cape Cod.  We realized there was a huge void down there with the closing of Colorful Creations last year.  People have to travel great distances to avail themselves of cropping and card making classes.  So I made a proposal to the owner of The Crop Shop and we are taking the store on the road the first Sunday of every month (except June thru August) and the first event will start on Sunday, February 5th.  The ad will be going into The Register in the Yarmouth/Dennis/Barnstable County area tomorrow.  So, if you're in that area, be sure and pass the word on to your friends.  We'll be doing a Round Robin Card Making/Project Making Marathon.  You can call The Crop Shop for deets on this as well -- and, by the way, there's a special surprise for the first 10 who sign up!  I'm really excited about this event, more so because it's my "baby" and I want it to be a huge success.

Well that's it -- ciao for now!

Ciao Bella!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Upcoming classes...

Happy New Year all!  Or did I say that in a previous post.  Well, it never hurts to have too many good wishes going into a new year, right?  And anything has got to be better than 2011, let me tell you!

I just thought I'd share what I'll be doing at the Whitman Community Center this January and in a few days I'll share what I'm doing at The Crop Shop as well.

So without further adieu, let's start with Saturday, January 14th.  We'll be doing two really fun Coffee/Tea Bag/Boxes.  These make terrific gifts for get well, thanks to the hostess, thanks to hairdresser, mailman, etc., just because... well you get the idea.

Both of these are made using the Scor-Pal tool and are super easy to do with various stamps to finish them off.

Aren't they cute?  Just fill them with the necessary tea/coffee bags, stirrers, sugars, etc.  This class was half full back in December, so you don't want to wait too long to sign up.

The next class I'll be doing is using Memory Box dies on Friday, January 20th.  I think I've mentioned before that I am a total die junkie.  Yep, I'll admit it and I don't want an intervention either -- I'll still go back to my addiction (LOL)!  For this class I chose the Perched Reedbird and the Woodland Branch.  These are fast becoming my favorites.  Oh, who am I kidding!  They're all my favorites.  But I must admit, these allow for some really great card making ops.  

Here's the outside of the card.  The sentiment is computerized.

And here's the inside flap of this tri-fold card.  What a difference a season makes!

And the second card for this class holds a secret that I can't share with you because I've challenged my students to guess what Spellbinder die I used for the vase.  Now wouldn't this also look great with pussywillows?

Last up is Friday, January 27th at the Whitman Community Center.  Obviously I can't stop using these dies, so here are some examples using the Seville Buckle, the Woodland Branch, Perched Reedbird and Elegant Scrollwork. 

Oh, did you notice that I'm stuck on a color theme here?  I'm such a pink or purple girl, but pinks are easier to work with for color coordination purposes.  I chose to use the Elegant Scrollwork in an offbeat way for the bird's tail.  Then if you'll look closely, I used the negative space from the die cut Reedbird to use as a stencil.  I enjoyed doing these cards a lot.  Well, that's it - I hope this gives you some inspiration and got you salivating for Memory Box Dies.

You can sign up for these classes at KD Crafty Concepts using the PayPal button or by contacting me directly if you don't do PayPal.

Ciao for now!
Ciao Bella!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Publication Alert!

Hey, I'm on a roll here!  I just thought I'd share my latest publication in the newest issue of CardMaker Magazine  featuring Flower Power.  I landed three cards in it as Web Bonuses.  Here's the link:  Just scroll down to 2012 and you can download the instructions and get close ups!  They are the Magnolia card, Tiger Lily and Wedding Rose cards.

Just thought you'd like to browse and share with me.

Ciao for now!
Ciao Bella!