Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ahoy, Matey!

More like Aaaargh! Matey!  Why do I say that?  Well because I missed a very important moment in my only grandchild's life.  Sadly, I had to work and miss my 10 year old granddaughter's big moment on the stage.  She had the lead roll in her Drama Club play this year.  So I will have to live vicariously through the photos that various family members were kind enough to send me.

So to salve my wounded heart, I need to make these pictures public and hope that you, dear readers, will enjoy them as I have.

Her name is Lexi and she'll actually be 10 next month.  She's a tall girl -- almost as tall as her Mom -- I think Mom tops in at 5 feet, so I do believe Lexi will be eating beans off Mom's head in another year (LOL!).

Here's a pic before she took off for the theater at the Middle School near where she lives.  It's a local Drama Club that she's been doing for three or four years now and she loves it.  My little Swashbuckler!

Her Papa said she didn't miss a line or a cue.  Her father, however, said he never saw her studying her lines!  Hmm, wonder what that says?  I envision her up in her room practicing away from prying eyes.  You know how that goes!

Here are a few other pics that were sent.  I just love them!  I did call Lexi from where I was teaching and apologized for not being there to see her.  Her response?  "You should be."  Eeek!  If you knew this child, she has a wicked sense of humor and that is just how it was delivered.  She's a sketch!

Well, that's it dear readers -- me salving my wounded heart.  I hope you enjoyed a peek into my personal space.

Ciao for now!

Ciao Bella!