Light Tent Set Up

A frequently asked question is what tools I use for my photography.  First of all, let me say that a professional, I am not.  I purchased my digital camera because it was easy to handle and could take great stills as well as movies.  It’s the ‘movies’ part that I have not delved into yet.  But I will!  I’m dying to do some videos, but I have to take baby steps yet.  
Anyway, the second question is what do I use to get such good exposure/light?  The very best gift you can give yourself is a Light Tent set-up.  What this entails is a pop-up cube made of white nylon.  Sort of like one of those clothes hampers that college students use (or are supposed to use!).  Mine comes with two large lights with bulbs.  Here’s a website that you can investigate.  You can also check Amazon or eBay as they may have some that are cheaper if budget is an issue.  I cannot recommend this tool enough!  Here’s a picture of what it looks like.  You can just make out the Lights on either side of the tent.  I put a card inside so you can judge how spacious the tent is.