Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Washi

Hello Crafters!  I was away this weekend with the Queens of Inkland at the cottage on the lake in Maine.  The scenery inspired the feel of this card.  The trees are just starting to turn up there and in two weeks time it will be spectacular.  I hope I can go back up.

Anyway, there we were, trashing the cottage with all our stamp gear.  It's difficult when you go away to know what "toys" to bring with you.  I was going to do a Washi project with the Queens and got carried away as I always do with Washi tape.  But what to do?  I had limited "stuff" with me, so I created an uber-simple card with just what I had on hand.  A simple card with a few layers and a simple die cut.  I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what you think of Washi (Trendy) Tape.  Have't tried it yet?  I made a few converts this weekend, let me tell you.  They had a grand time playing with it.  I'll post another project we did later on.  So, feel free to comment or even ask questions.

Ciao for now!

Ciao Bella! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The votes are in!!!

The results of the Craft Room Disaster contest are in and the winner (or is that loser?) is (drum roll please):  Craft Room Disaster #2!!!

It is with deep shame, honest regret and heavy humiliation that I accept the award -- that was my craft room (it should be called a Crap Room).  I told Maria mine was worse!! And sadly, it’s still in that same shape!  I can’t seem to find a place for anything!  Looks like I gotta buy a new house just for my crafts, right?  Works for me!

So, now on to the winner of the “unloved” item being bestowed by the Loser, er... winner, er... loser -- jeez!  which is it?  I’m a winner and a loser all in one!  Well, anyway, I threw all the names in a bowl and the owner of one of my “unloved” precious craft items is (another drum roll please):   Mary T!!!!  Congrats Mary!  I know where you live, so I guess I’ll be delivering it in person.  Just don’t let me near your craft room -- you can see what happens when I’m in one.  

Now in all honesty, if you read through some of the comments, a few of you were thanking me for making you feel better about your own Craft Room Disasters.  One of you had the Red Cross in your room handing out donuts and coffee!!  Sheesh!  

Seriously, tho, thanks one and all for joining in the fun.  I enjoyed the remarks.  Oh, and Cuz, you need to come up here and organize for me -- YOU SAID!!!!

Ciao for now!

Ciao Bella! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Craft Room Wars

You've heard of Craft Wars, haven't you?  It's a new program where they pit 3 crafters against one another to be the most creative of the challenge set forth by the judges.  It's fun to watch.  Well, I think I've discovered a new show for you to watch...

We teachers were swapping craft room nightmares while we were at the store opening of Kept Creations.  It was getting to a one-upmanship situation with how messy we had all left our craft rooms because we were so busy prepping for the store opening and classes and M&T's.  

We tried describing our rooms to one another and, well let's just say a picture is worth a thousand words (perhaps a million in this case).  Maria K. (she's threatened to stop speaking to me if I post this) and I decided to take pics of our craft rooms POST- disaster to compare.  We honestly can't make up our minds which of us has the worst disaster in crafting history.  Can you help us decide?

So, I am issuing a challenge.  I'd like to hear from all of you by posting your vote for Worst Craft Room.  I will randomly pick a name from all who respond and that winner will receive an "unloved" item from the winner of the Worst Craft Room Wars.  What?  you were expecting something new?  You do realize that we can't FIND anything that may be NEW in either of these craft rooms!

Now if you've been to either of our craft rooms and know which is which, just be fair and vote for Craft Room Disaster #1 or #2 (that's how I'll post them to be fair).

You be the judge!!

Craft Room Disaster #1

Craft Room Disaster #2

And just so you know,  I am NOT proud of whichever one of these rooms it is!!  I'll get in touch via email to the winner and get your address so that you can claim your "unloved" item.  Invite your friends and family to join in the fun as well -- we're not proud (rather obvious, isn't it?)

Ciao Bella!