Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the season...

Sorry, folks, it’s been ANOTHER one of those weeks!  Be fair here, we did have Thanksgiving thrown in there!  Well, now that that’s over with... You’d think I cooked a meal, but we spent it at my daughter’s new home and she did the honors.  She made one mistake though.  She told all of us to take some leftovers and kindly provided us with nice containers to carry them in.  Well, I guess we all got carried away and didn’t leave them ANY turkey!  Now, to be fair, I was the first one to pack leftovers, so I’ll have to finger-point at someone else in my family (LOL).
So, on to the next holiday, not that I haven’t been posting Christmas stuff right along.  But i thought I’d show you a card using one of the newest sets from Sparkle N Sprinkle.  What a fun time I’ve had with this set!  This card was done using two different sizes of their Tear-ific Tape (that’s the striping) and I did the ornament on acetate and glittered the devil out of it.  

Here's a close-up of the ornament.

 For those of you who live in the area, I’ll be teaching this card at the Scrapbook Cupboard on December 8th, so sign up early to save a seat!  I’ll try and post more later this week.  In the meantime, enjoy and please try and comment.  If all else fails, just email me. Ciao for now!
Ciao Bella!

Monday, November 15, 2010

How to keep track of your Copics...

I have taught several classes on this book at the Scrapbook Cupboard.  What is it, you may ask?  It’s a spiral bound Copic Book.  In other words, the pages contain every color/number Copic pen they make and there’s a space beside the color number where you can actually color it in with the pen to show what’s in your stash.  Here's a picture of what it looks like inside.

  My daughter called me one day and asked if I could make one for her friend, Bianca, as she had a birthday coming up and Bianca has become a Copic enthusiast like many of us.  A few well placed questions, such as what colors does she tend to drift toward, any special nuance that I should know about?  I wanted to make the book as personal as I could for Bianca.  Well, I think you can see what her favorite colors are, so I just took it a step further and jazzed up the book covers (sorry, no picture of the back) using inks, color dusters and Stampscapes Stamps.  I believe Bianca uses a bumble bee as a catchy way to sum up her name (begins with “B”, remember).  Since I didn’t have a bumble bee charm, I did the next best thing and used a clear letter “B” (just visible below the gold balls) and inked it up with alcohol inks (I could also have used my Copics for this).  I grabbed some color-appropriate ribbons to match and finished off her book.  My daughter tells me Bianca was extremely happy and can now keep track of all the colors she is accumulating and it also helps avoid purchasing duplicates (how can we possibly remember all the colors we have?? - I can’t !).  
My daughter, who is an incredible stamper in her own right, did not have access to the Zutter machine that creates the spiral bound book, so that’s why the request came my way.  If you live on Cape Cod, drop by The Mirror Image Salon in South Yarmouth or Petal & Stem Florist also in South Yarmouth and you’ll see some of her incredible creations for sale.  I’ve been asking her for some pics of her cards, but she’s over her eyeballs at work right now.  But I’ll get her yet!!  I’ll be a proud mama and put some of her creations on my blog!  I promise, I won’t become obnoxious over it (but, she IS very talented!!).  Ciao for now!
Ciao Bella!