Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let me tell you a story...

This was just too good not to share!  My 7 yr. old granddaughter called today and asked:

"What are you doing (red flag warning!)?"
I said I was home keeping busy.
She asked "exactly where are you in the house" (2nd red flag warning!)
I told her I was in my craft room.
She said "good!" (3rd red flag!  and the race is on!)

Then the "why?" came out of my mouth.  I was laughing so hard at the end of this conversation, I almost couldn't walk straight.  It seems she's having a sleep-over and I "need" to make her 9 invitations. (Do you remember the birthday invitation hoopla?  Now you're getting it!).  She then proceeded to explain her desires for the invitation.  I would probably have a better chance at having a novel published than what she wants, but here goes:

How can anyone refuse this little face?

It has to have a radio on it with musical notes floating.  She also wants sleeping bags on it.  An afterthought was having feathers in the background (huh?).  You'll know why when you read her list.  She has an itinerary all planned for this.  She asked me if I had a pencil to write this down.  She said "write the word 'bring' and put two dots (that would be a colon) after it.  (This is when the laughing started in earnest -- I really was having trouble writing at this point.)  Bring:  bathing suit, clothes, shoes, pillow, sleeping bag and favorite stuffed animal.  Okay, that's taken care of until she said she wants a 'plan'.  I asked if she meant "itinerary".  Yes, whatever, she said.  So here's her itinerary (I think they're gonna be there for a week!):

1.  Spa
2.  Dance party
3.  Trivia
4.  Shoe hunt
5.  Stuffed animal party
6.  Cooking party
7.  Pool party
8.  Pillow fight (remember those feathers...?)
9.  Tattoo party
10.  Hide & Seek

So, I'd like you all to stay tuned to see what the invincible grandmother can come up with for this precocious 7 yr. old.  I should also tell you about her book report and you'll know what I'm up against.  She's in 2nd grade and she teaches kindergarten kids their phonics and sounds every day for about 20 minutes (getting the picture?).  Well she had to do a book report and she told the teacher she wanted to do James and the Giant Peach.  The teacher explained to her that it was a 5th grade book and it might be a little hard for her.  Lexi didn't see the problem with that and said she wanted to still do it.  The teacher gave in, Lexi read the book and did the book report and got -- A+!  I don't know what the grand scheme of things is for this little girl, but seeing her as President one day would not surprise me.

Just thought I'd share -- OR -- the ramblings of a proud grandmother!
Ciao for now.
Ciao Bella!


Anonymous said...

OMG what a delight!! Can't wait to see what you create to satisfy that "plan"! (Would it surprise you to know I figured out the feather IMMEDIATELY - would that be "birds of a feather"?)

Anonymous said...

That's the best story... What a riot! I'm so happy she gives you such joy! the best thing about grandchildren!
can't wait to see this invitation.