Saturday, February 12, 2011

I can do simple...

That may sound strange, but I really do have a hard time keeping my cards quick and simple.  I haven't mastered it yet.  I guess I over think things (a lot).  However, this one really was quick and simple!  I conceptualized it,  and I did it!  So rare that the original idea actually works in real time.  Oh me!  Just something else to polish up on in my craft room.

I made this card for my 7 year old granddaughter to be sent a long with some Valentine's goodies as I will be otherwise occupied this weekend.  Hubby will do the delivering and get all the kisses.  I'll more than make up for it when I see her next time.  I'll squeeze and kiss her till she yells (LOL!).  So Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet Lexi.

Here's a pic of my favorite gremlin - it's last year's (or maybe older),  but I love this shot of her.
Ciao for now!
Ciao Bella!


Stampin' Hands have Happy Hearts said...

Such a sweet card, just like that sweet face:)

Anonymous said...

Lucky little lady Lexi having a great Nana like you!!