Monday, January 24, 2011

Calendar Queens...

Here are my Queens of Inkland (minus me as I’m the one taking the picture and minus JoAnne who had a medical emergency).  These are the ladies I gather with once a month to make projects/cards, exchange ideas, insult one another, eat great food and, generally laugh an awful lot.  Upper left is Regina, next to her is Mary (with her mouth open - sorry, Mary!), then Chris in pink and in the foreground is Nancy.  We’ve been together for over 10 years doing this and it never, NEVER gets old!  I can only wish this same closeness for all of you out there.  We’ve been through a lot in these ten years, but our friendship stays strong and solid.
So, yesterday was our monthly gathering which we had at Chris’s new condo (yummy place!) and the project was to make our yearly calendars.   I know, we’re a bit late this year, but many of us have had lots of life issues this past year.  We have all given the Queen’s wave to 2010 and no fond adieus were included.  
Our plan for the calendars was simple.  Chris Zuttered the calendar base together and each of us had picked two months  to do (we did this the PC way by throwing all the months in a bowl and picking two).  So, after many hours of work, laughs and good food, I chose one calendar page from each Queen to show you.  We love our calendars and we changed it up a bit this year by just telling everyone to bring DP, card stock, bling, ephemera, punches, etc. that would go with their month.  Then each month’s doodads were put on the table and we each interpreted the month the way we wanted it.  Some of the months were constructed ahead (March and August for example) and all the components passed out to each of us.  We then did the placement as we wished.  The other months were pretty much a free-for-all and we did our own thing.  For me this was a big leap out of the box.  I am too self-contained and non-spontaneous when it comes to cardmaking or papercrafting.  I like to know where I’m going.  But I tell you I had a blast doing this calendar.  Wasn’t it a great way to spend a cold, windy Sunday afternoon?

I hope you like the samples I’ve shown and  I’d love to hear from you.   
Have a warm day and ciao for now!
Ciao Bella!

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