Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting really tired of snow...

Ah, yes, here we are approaching the last week in this month and we are looking at more of that white stuff.  It’s coming down pretty hard here - about 1” to 1-1/2” inches an hour.  The only saving grace is that it’s light and fluffy.  And if you think really, really hard, you can see the beauty in it.  Let’s face it folks, we’re a little tired of this “beauty”, but cheer up! -- they tell us another storm is on the way next week.  I’m pulling the covers over my head and not coming out till April. 
So, in honor of the “white stuff”, here’s a card I put together for a class next Thursday (the one on the right). This card was made using the Heartfelt Die that’s been all the rage lately.  It does do up a lovely card, don’t you think?  In this case I doubled the cardstock and made an actual card from the die, then placed some (ugh!) snowflakes in the window and in the front.  And see all that glitter? It just wouldn’t be me without it!  I just love the blue glitter by Sparkle N Sprinkle - it’s called Misty Blue - so beautiful!

On the card at the left, I cut the die using brown CS then went over it with two different colors of Liquid Pearls to give it that shimmery affect.  

Well, I’m off to shovel the walkway so the plow can come by and shovel me back in again!
Ciao for now and I hope your day is beautiful!
Ciao Bella!

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