Monday, June 6, 2011

The Heirloom Stamp Show

Hello all!  I'm back and pooped!  But what fun we had!  Despite the tragedies surrounding us out in West Springfield due to the tornadoes, the show turned out really well.  Unfortunately, we had the opportunity (due to a wrong turn) to view some of the devastation out there.  My heart and prayers go out to all those people and for what they will be facing in the weeks and months to come.

I'd like to share some photos of the Heirloom Show and of our very first booth.  Some of you will recognize yourselves in these photos.  Drop me a line if you do!

Here's our beautiful new banner -- can you 
just make out the Patent Pending in the lower
left corner?  Yay!  Yes, we are officially patent pending!

Here's our lovely booth before the crowds arrived.

My friend, Chris, demonstrating the E-Z BowZ.

More shots of people waiting for a chair to try
the hot new item at the show!

My rascal granddaughter who got bored and
decided my "fancy" bags needed personalization.
She started writing poems that would rhyme with
E-Z  BowZ that were a hoot.  Not at easy feat!
(Note proud Papa in backgfround.)

The owner buried beneath a mound of bows and
her self-appointed "boss" (son #2) in back
keeping an eye on things.  I tried to get him to 
demonstrate, but for some reason he wasn't feeling it. 
Can't imagine why!

One very nice gal wrote on Facebook that it was the best "find" at the show and every one of her bows has come out perfect every time!  Thank you!

Here's a sampling of some of the bows you can make.

So keep watching this blog -- I'll be busy getting the official information up on the E-Z BowZ Bow Maker and how you can get one.  I hope to have a video for you as well.

And finally, some heartfelt thanks to the wonderful folks, Dave and Sheila, at Heirloom for making this a seamless endeavor.  They do an incredible job and are the nicest people to deal with.  Thank you to my wonderful family (hubby, son, daughter and granddaughter) for their eager assistance.  And last, but by no means least, to my wonderful stamping friends, Chris, Mary and Regina for their unselfish time and unparalleled help in demonstrating, cashing out and packing up.  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Again, stay tuned for further info on my little tool!
Ciao for now.
Ciao Bella!


Mary T said...

The show was great fun. This year there seem to be some new vendors which was nice. I have to say EZ Bow did attack lots of interest. The best part was everyone could make bows on the spot with a little guidance . Before you know it they were making a triples! There are deffinately alot less bow challenged crafters .

Barbara Bruder said...

Congrats!!! Glad the show was a success. Looks like you were quite busy!!!

Donna said...

Congratulations on a fantastic show, OO! Your photos say it all - family-friends-and your smiling face. How could you go wrong? Your granddaughter is sweet as can be! I'd love one of her bags! LOL Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on many more successful shows and endeavors.