Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Off to Pennsylvania...

Yep, I'm on the road again!  I have a vendor show with my Craft-Dee BowZ this weekend and this could be the start of something really big.  So wish me luck.

One of the trades I made with the show's principals is a free booth in return for my teaching a class.  So I was blessed to be able to combine JustRite Stamps, Spellbinder Dies and Webster's Pages in the following projects.  I hope they like them.

Webster's Pages has an interesting and eclectic look to them.  My challenge was to keep the ephemera to a minimum since they don't send you any of that stuff (yes, a little hard to believe, but true).  All they send is the stamps, dies and paper.  So I had to get creative in other ways.  One thing I did do was use an embossing plate of all sea shells for the background.  The way I got around this was to prep that layer of this card with the embossing plate, plus I did all the stamping of the seashells leaving it for them to simply cut out and glitter.  This card is ultra simple in that it is just edging with ink and layering the pieces.

The second card was a simple layering and cutting as well.  Again, all the stamping is done for them and it's a matter of edging with ink and cutting out some shapes.  You may make note of the cute little bow on the lobster.  Well, heck!  I gotta get Craft-Dee BowZ in there somehow!

Well, that's it.  It should be fun.  Ciao for now!

Ciao Bella!


starqueen said...

Hi Sunny,
I wish you lots of luck on your trip to PA. Have fun and know that your passion and talent already make you a success! You go girl!

Shona Erlenborn said...

Great cards Dee Dee! I especially like the lobster's little bow! Good luck in PA - I'm sure you'll do great.